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dmStartupDrinksDrake Homes is dedicated to supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Des Moines and we are proud to directly support the relaunching of dmStartupDrinks!

dmStartupDrinks is a community-driven networking event for entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts.  This monthly gathering was established in 2010, but as former organizer Geoff Wood wrote about in this Welch Avenue article, the event had lost momentum and was on the verge of being shut down.

Being plugged into this innovative community of makers and shakers, the team at Drake Homes saw an opportunity to make a difference.

By stepping up to not only support the event financially, but also providing organizational assistance, Drake Homes has given new lifeblood to this beloved event in Des Moines.  The organizer role is now managed by our own Ben McDougal, who together with feedback from the community, has revived the dmStartupDrinks brand with a new website at, and aligned increased activity on Facebook and Twitter.

One cool new feature that we like and on that will surely be enjoyed by event attendees, is the community-driven photo gallery.  By including #dmStartupDrinks in the photos people post via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, attendee photos will automatically feed in the dmStartupDrinks Photo Gallery!

The long-term vision for this event is still being polished, but Drake Homes is proud to be on the ground level.  In fact, to celebrate the revival of dmStartupDrinks, a Relauch Event will be hosted Thursday, March 20th, 2014 at Sakari Sushi Lounge in Des Moines.  Below is more information on this exciting Des Moines networking event, while will be the place for updated information anytime.

Whether you're an experienced entrepreneur, an investor looking for the next big idea, or just intrigued by the concept of connecting with other innovative people building cool things, we encourage you to check out dmStartupDrinks.

Cheers to disruption by innovation Des Moines!


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