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Expanded Awesomeness

Expanded Awesomeness

Since 2005, Drake Homes has been a leader in new home design and residential building in Iowa.  In 2013, we're expanding not only what we provide our valued customers, but also how we engage our brand vision within the community!

What should you watch for in 2013?

Digital Expansion

We have an exciting addition to our experienced team coming soon, which will open the flood gates on how we dynamically connect with the Des Moines community.  This means an enhanced Drake Homes website, more meaningful involvement within the social media landscape, an all-new email newsletter, and business networking events to support new home buyers, our valued customers, and home building enthusiasts everywhere.

Enhanced Home Building Experience

Along with a tuned-up digital strategy, we also have plans to extend the home building experience that so many have already come to love.  A few of the big ideas include an all-new Loyalty Program for our valued clients who have already built a new home in Des Moines.  Another exciting concept is a new Referral Program that pays you just for sharing Drake Homes with your friends, family, and co-workers.  We understand that not everyone is looking to build a new home, but we believe in the power of an engaged network and want to be in the conversation whenever home building is being discussed.

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