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Guest Blog: Fall Decorating Ideas

Guest Blog: Fall Decorating Ideas

Fall is officially underway here in Des Moines.

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are all right around the corner.  Tis’ the season for cooler weather, cozy clothing, colorful leaves, football, warm drinks, and of course...seasonal home decorating!

In the spirit of the season, I thought I'd introduce myself to the Drake Homes family of guest bloggers by sharing quick, simple, and effective Fall decorating ideas.  Below you'll find five key D.I.Y supplies you can use to creatively decorate your home this Fall.  The best part of these decorating ingredients is that they can all be used together.  Enjoy!

Fall Decorations - Burlap Wreath1. Burlap

Burlap is SO ‘in’ right now and you can literally use it a hundred different ways.  Wrap it around a plain vase, make it into a bow or, my personal favorite, make a wreath out of it for the front door!  Burlap is very inexpensive and can also be used outdoors to protect your delicate plants and trees through the winter, so this is one versatile material for decorating (and protecting) your home this Fall.

2. Pumpkins

Yes.  I know.  Thanks captain obvious, right?!  Pumpkins are kind of a ‘duh’, but there are just so many shapes, sizes and colors to use!  Anyone can drop a few pumpkins on their front porch, but how about enhancing your home with a variety of smaller pumpkins (they're so cute!) inside in a vase, on your mantle, or really anywhere you want a splash of interior color and Fall-flavored fun!  For you creative types, painted and carved pumpkins open a world of opportunities and also provides a fun family activity this Fall.

Fall Decorations - Candles3. Fall Flowers & Leaves

Fall flowers and colorful leaves are easy to like.  You can find them anywhere and at really no cost, these seasonal decorations can be in vases, hanging around your mantle, or wrapped around candles that sit within a vase and on top of some Iowa-flavored corn kernels.  A few other interesting ideas include framing your favorites in a craft project or decorating your table and counter tops with colorful Fall flowers and leaves.

4. Branches & Twigs

Wooden branches and twigs represent another natural Fall decoration.  Sometimes it's easiest to buy ideal-shaped branches and twigs, but if you have trees in your lawn, this can be a home grown decoration for sure.  Branches and twigs look great in tall vases, especially wrapped in the first idea I mentioned, burlap!  Arrange branches and twigs with flowers or prairie grass for a nice Fall look as well.  Like all these Fall decorating ideas, get creative!

Fall Decorations - Twine Pumpkin5. Twine

Twine is a quick way to bring great decorating ideas together.  As simple as it sounds, twine can dress up a vase, dish, or pumpkin in no time!  The way you wrap twine around your favorite decorations can also give you different results.  Loose twine works well for warm, casual decorations, while a tighter fit can create a sharp, cleaner look.  As you can see, you can use twine to create or enhance almost anything.  In the end, there’s no right or wrong way to use twine, so pick up a few spindles and go crazy.

Do YOU have great Fall decorating ideas?

Perhaps you've used these supplies in your decorating efforts?

I've been told you can share photos and community discussion over on the Drake Homes Facebook, Pinterest, or Houzz profiles.  I'd love to see what everyone comes up with, so don't be shy!


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