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Guest Blog: Growing Grimes

Guest Blog: Growing Grimes

Welcome to GrimesI live and work in Grimes, Iowa.

Grimes has been one of the fastest growing Iowa communities over the past several years.  Our Des Moines area community is experiencing rapid population and economic growth.  Once a small farming community outside of Des Moines, Grimes is now fully engulfed into the Des Moines metro.  With a population of around 10,000 today, it is projected that the Grimes community will swell to over 27,000 by the year 2030.

This dramatic growth in Grimes began because of its geographic proximity to the Des Moines metropolitan area.  As Grimes grows, it's clear that community leaders have quickly recognized the importance of great city planning.  Effective and aligned leadership has ensured that the growth in Grimes is consistently headed in a positive direction.

By focusing on a variety of ways the Grimes community can boost the quality of life for its citizens and businesses, we have been able to attract the type of sustainable growth everyone is so excited about.  A few hot topics include:

  • Strong Economy
  • Great Schools
  • Excellent Housing Options (we're excited by developments like Silkwood Meadows!)
  • Accessible Parks & Trails
  • Cultural Amenities
  • Excellent Restaurants
  • Family-Friendly Entertainment
  • Shopping Experiences
  • Ease of Transportation
  • Attractive Community Aesthetics
  • Clear Communication
  • Distinct Lack of Crime
  • Sense of Identity & Place
  • Dedicated Public Services
  • Affordable Living

Like any community, there are other important topics that vary based on each individual, but when you consider the guiding principles behind the growth of Grimes, I believe the results is an optimized recipe for how to build a great community.

Like many communities around Des Moines, Grimes is committed to be the best community we can be.  I wanted to share my thoughts in this Guest Blog, because I believe home builders like Drake Homes are helping us build for the future and in turn, helping to achieve our goals of building a unique community for families to call home.  For that, we are thankful.

Now, with all this said, we don’t claim to know it all and have always valued the opinion of others.  Therefore, I would like to close with a question for you.  What building blocks are important to your quality of life?  Please reply around social media or connect with me direct.  Our team and I would love to hear from you!


Brian Buethe

  Brian Buethe serves as the Executive Director for the Grimes Chamber and Economic Development.

A true family man at heart, Brian specializes in building consensus while overseeing day-to-day activities associated with Grimes Chamber of Commerce, Grimes Economic Development, and Grimes Tourism.

To learn more about what the Grimes community can offer you, your family, or your business, contact Brian on LinkedIn today!

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