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Guest Blog: Last Minute Holiday Decorating

Guest Blog: Last Minute Holiday Decorating

Union Jack OrnametHappy Holidays from across the pond!

Your Christmas tree is twinkling, the fireplace is lined with personalized stockings, and your home looks like a scene from your favorite home design magazine.  Even so, you're not satisfied.  You've always masterfully decorated your home for the holidays, but this year you want to add an extra special touch!

As a European interior designer, I always enjoy collaborating with home owners to make their homes look amazing, especially during the holiday season!

If you're looking for a few last minute holiday decorating ideas, I have organized five quick ways to enhance your home décor before the fun holiday parties begin.  Great interior design is universal and I'm honored to be the first international guest blogger with Drake Homes.  Enjoy!

1. Holiday Scents

One of the easiest, yet most effective ways to maximize the holiday spirit in your home is the unforgettable scent of Christmas!  There is nothing better than the smell of warm pies baking in the oven, but a quick and easy way to keep the scent of Christmas alive throughout the holiday is to select a collection of holiday-inspired candles.

A few of the most popular scents have to be Spiced Apple or Cinnamon, but I encourage you to take it one step further.  HERE is a handful of uniquely wonderful scents like Christmas Eve, Christmas Cookie, Mistletoe, Peppermint Bark, and North Pole from our friends over at Yankee Candle.  Not only do these creative candles create a beautiful and festive scent, they add visible warmth to the home, and boost that all important cozy factor.  The epitome of comfort is having a gorgeous flickering flame to enjoy while you’re cuddled in a blanket on the couch, so fire up your favorite holiday scented candles and drift deeper into the holiday spirit!

2. Tasty Treats

Christmas absolutely requires an exorbitant amount of tasty treats!  I love how the fun of baking with friends and family has a neat side effect of providing all sorts of colorful ways to decorate your home.  Yes, having baked goods and candy throughout your home can be a diet destroyer and way too tempting for pets around your home, but it's the holidays, right?!

Along with keeping tasty treats within reach, you can easily enhance your home's holiday decorations with a variety of fun dishes and platters to showcase all your goodies.  I like large, shallow bowls or colorful plates on the coffee table, dining table, in the kitchen, and in home's main entrance.  You may not want to drown your home with tasty treats like I do, haha, but it is a really nice festive touch that creates a welcoming environment for all.  Decorative platters and bowls are easy to find during the holidays, so have fun with this touch of added holiday cheer this season.

Gift Wrapping3. Groomed Gifts

Another great addition to your home's holiday decorating is GIFTS!  Christmas truly means more than just giving and receiving gifts, but since we're fortunate to enjoy exchanging gifts, remember that all those creatively wrapped surprises are also great interior design features that extends the wonder of your twinkling Christmas Tree!

I love having a pile of gifts under the Christmas Tree, but why stop there?  A perfect pile of matching wrapped gifts in the corner of the room look stunning, but they need to be neat.  Instead of using real Christmas gifts, which tend to be all sorts of different shapes and often difficult to wrap, we've had fun use a collection of empty cardboard boxes that can be arranged with purpose.  By using a variety of shapes and sizes, you can really create a neat effect and although it may be too late to pull this trick off this year, remember you can keep these place-holding gifts and use them for years to come.

4. Creative Crafts

There's nothing quite like the creativity of a homemade craft.  Although you may want to avoid showcasing too many homemade creations, adding a few creative crafts around your home can provide a neat holiday effect.  One fun option is to use embroidered covers on the furniture around your home, while kids also always have a way of crafting some heartfelt items that can light up your home.  This holiday decorating idea obviously gives you a lot of creative freedom, so have fun personalizing your own holiday cheer.

5. All Wrapped Up

One more last minute holiday decorating idea, is a simple design touch that I find really effective.  Pick up some festive ribbon and tie them around different things to give the effect of having more presents throughout your home.  A few fun things to wrap are couch pillows, staircase banisters, your refrigerator, and even electronics within your home theater area.  Need help on tying the perfect bows?  Check out this quick how-to video from your friends there at The Machine Shed on how to tie holiday bows.

I hope these fun ideas help you ice the cake on your holiday decorating this season.  With endless options that make holiday home design so much fun, I would love to hear your favorite ideas on last minute holiday decorating.  Until my next guest blog which will compare American vs. European home design...HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


Mila InteriorsMila Van Cooten is a European interior designer who owns Mila Interiors in the UK.

With experience creating a wide variety of interior designs throughout the UK, Mila is a unique addition to our international family of Guest Bloggers.

Mila Interiors is actively sharing great home design ideas across the social media landscape, so connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Houzz, and Pinterest!

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