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Autumn Park

Autumn Park - Plat Map

Lot Size
Lot Type Availability
4 15,326 Walkout SOLD
13 11,382 Walkout HOME FOR SALE
18 14,615 Walkout SOLD
20 15,299 Walkout SOLD
21 13,329 Walkout SOLD
26 11,326 Walkout SOLD
31 13,563 Walkout SOLD
54 10,400 Walkout SOLD
55 9,100 Walkout SOLD
56 9,506 Walkout SOLD

Development Details

801 W. 1st St.
Grimes, Iowa 50111

Autumn Park is a new development in Grimes that has expanded to Plat 3 and Plat 4. A variety of lot types are available and we're actively building here.

Located within the award-winning Dallas Center - Grimes School District, building a home in this development will make family life easy to enjoy.  Autumn Park’s friendly design connects to the Central Iowa Bike Trail System and allows children to enjoy the neighborhood park.

Disclaimer: Residential lots in Grimes are selling fast. The lot listings and associated availability in this development can change rapidly and may not be immediately reflected on this page. Please contact us for updated information.