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Crosshaven - Plat Map

Lot Size
Lot Type Availability
9 12,274 Walkout SOLD
10 12,828 Walkout SOLD
13 14,385 Walkout AVAILABLE!
14 12,670 Walkout AVAILABLE!
15 11,685 Walkout AVAILABLE!
38 12,863 Walkout AVAILABLE!
40 14,584 Daylight AVAILABLE!
41 14,584 Standard AVAILABLE!
42 13,896 Standard AVAILABLE!
60 11,785 Walkout AVAILABLE!
62 14,822 Standard HOME FOR SALE
63 14,695 Daylight HOME FOR SALE
64 10,933 Walkout HOME FOR SALE
65 11,572 Walkout AVAILABLE!

Development Details

NW 95th Ct. & Valley Parkway
Johnston, Iowa 50111

Crosshaven is a special development nestled among rolling hills, creeks, ponds, trees and walking paths on the NW side of Johnston. This conservation community makes relaxing, award-winning schools (Johnston School District), shopping, fitness centers, golf, churches and family entertainment easy to find.

Disclaimer: Residential lots in Johnston are selling fast.  The lot listings and associated availability in this development can change rapidly and may not be immediately reflected on this page.  Please contact us for updated information.