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Sunset Estates



Lot Size
Lot Type Availability
1 21,869 Standard AVAILABLE!
3 16,651 Standard HOME FOR SALE
7 11,073 Standard AVAILABLE!
8 15,528 Standard AVAILABLE!
10 76,123 Standard AVAILABLE!
11 15,816 Walkout AVAILABLE!
13 10,297 Walkout AVAILABLE!
16 9,500 Walkout HOME FOR SALE
17 9,500 Walkout HOME FOR SALE
18 8,250 Walkout HOME FOR SALE
26 11,727 Standard HOME FOR SALE
27 13,839 Standard HOME FOR SALE
28 21,953 Standard HOME FOR SALE
31 8,549 Standard AVAILABLE!
32 12,265 Standard AVAILABLE!
37 8,076 Daylight AVAILABLE!
38 8,023 Daylight AVAILABLE!
39 12,862 Daylight AVAILABLE!
40 20,754 Standard AVAILABLE!
41 16,490 Standard AVAILABLE!

Development Details

Orchard Hills Dr.
Norwalk, Iowa 50211

Sunset Estates is a new development in the heart of Norwalk and only minutes from downtown Des Moines.

A new home in this development will make family life easy to enjoy, while staying connected into where you want to be. Norwalk is an exciting community with fresh growth happening all around this suburb of downtown Des Moines. If you have kids, the Norwalk School District offers the best in Iowa education, with a small community-vibe that's easy to plug into for business or pleasure. For empty nesters, this residential development's proximity to great golf might just have you buying your own golf cart. Let's build!

Disclaimer: Residential lots in Norwalk are selling fast. The lot listings and associated availability in this development can change rapidly and may not be immediately reflected on this page. Please contact us for updated information.