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Guest Blog: Making Memories

Guest Blog: Making Memories

Houses come in many different shapes, sizes, and locations.  I believe that every single one is unique.

Like a fingerprint, at first glance some homes may appear similar, but as you look deeper you realize simple details that make each one very different.  The details that make the difference come directly from the memories, both ordinary and extraordinary, created by our families every day.   How many other homes have red food coloring splattered on the kitchen ceiling from a wild early morning Valentine’s Day cooking session?  I’m guessing only one.

Zachary Kreger Family MemoriesThe homes we live in are visual backdrops to the countless memories we make.  Good and bad, the homes you chose to live in will house things you'll never forget.  For me, it's memories like the time we brought our first child home from the hospital and then giving him his first bath on the kitchen island, not really knowing what we were doing.  The holidays with family, the friends we've hosted for great times, and so many more wonderful memories come to mind when I think about how our home has been THE place to make memories.

Rewinding time a bit, I can remember 8 different houses where I have memories.  For example, I remember running my car into the garage door (sorry Dad) of our old house overlooking Grenquist Lake in Wisconsin.  Another fun one was the time I tried (unsuccessfully) to use a plastic grocery bag as a parachute, which immediately brings me back to our home in Manchester, Iowa.

Shifting back to today, I can’t help but to get excited about all the new memories my three kids (ages 5, 3, and 2) are creating every day in our home in Waukee, Iowa.  It's neat collaborating with such a unique home builder like Drake Homes, because the memories my kids share with their kids will celebrate the story of our home.  It's these beautiful family memories that truly inspired the idea behind Offspring, and I really love that.

As I wrap up my first guest blog here with Drake Homes, I encourage you to embrace the dings in your wood floor, the silly putty stuck in the carpet, and the handprints on your windows.  Your home is quite simply, built to make memories!

Offspring - Zach KregerZachary Kreger is the Co-Founder of Offspring, an Iowa-based startup that launched an iPhone app to capture, share, and publish your kid’s special moments.  You can download Offspring on the Apple App Store ( or learn more by watching the following video (

Additional details on this unique awesome and free app, can be found at  The dedicated team at Offspring is also active on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest so connect more them today!

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