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Guest Blog: Mrs. Iowa 2013

Guest Blog: Mrs. Iowa 2013

Katie Spielmann - Mrs. Iowa 2013If someone told me that I would be living in Iowa at this point in my life, I probably would have laughed and said, “What is in Iowa?

I was born and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida and lived in the same home for 24 years.  As Floridians, snow was something we only saw in movies or on television.  So, how did I find my way to Iowa?  Well, I met my husband, Michael, while we were both living in Florida.  He was born and raised in Illinois, but was working in Florida as a golf pro.  In 2010, Michael and I got engaged and started planning our wedding.  Right before our wedding, Michael received a outstanding job offer in West Des Moines, Iowa.  As newlyweds and without even owning a winter coat, we packed up and headed to Iowa!

Once I secured a warm winter coat and got used to seeing snow everywhere, the first thing I instantly loved about Iowa, were the people.  I enjoyed getting used to so many people's friendly greetings.  I often had to make sure people were talking to me when they shared their random well wishing, as I was not used to strangers greeting me in such kind ways!  In short, I absolutely love how friendly, genuine, and kind-hearted the people of Iowa are.

Mrs. Iowa 2013 ParadeIt’s not just the people that I love about Iowa.  Our centralized state is absolutely gorgeous.  The vibrant fields around Iowa simply take my breath away!  I am amazed by our farmers’ hard work that results in providing food for so many people around the world.  Local farmer's markets are so much fun and I truly appreciate the hard work that goes into making our local food so fresh.  I especially love buying produce from the farmer who actually planted the seeds!

Another reason my husband and I feel lucky to live in Iowa, is that we get to enjoy the famous Iowa State Fair each year.  Where else can you find a cow sculpture completely carved out of butter, then milk a real cow 5 minutes later?!  I simply can’t resist the amazing food and fun entertainment at the Iowa State Fair each year.

Mrs. Iowa 2013 at Iowa CubsSpeaking of entertainment, I've been surprised at how many fun things there are to do all around Iowa.  Whether it's tossing the first pitch at an Iowa Cubs game in downtown Des Moines, supporting charities at area fundraisers, or meeting Governor Branstad, my time here has been wonderful.

If I had to choose, I suppose Fall is my favorite time of the year in Iowa.  I always look forward to the leaves changing colors and I enjoy visiting the pumpkin patches and corn mazes around Des Moines.

My husband and I have now lived in Iowa for three years.  I am honored to be crowned Mrs. Iowa 2013 and I proudly represent this place I call home.  When fellow Iowans say “Thank you for representing our state!”, it really makes me feel proud and humbled to be an Iowan.  That being said, I plan to make Iowa very proud at the Mrs. United States Pageant , as I visit Las Vegas for the first time on July 31st!

I have met so many amazing people, established friendships that will last a lifetime, seen more snow than I ever thought possible, and made the Hawkeye state my home.  If someone asks me “What is in Iowa?” now, my answer is simply.  Iowa is filled with the most genuine, down to earth people you will ever meet and endless possibilities for fun and adventure.


Mrs. Iowa 2013

Katie Spielmann is the current Mrs. Iowa United States 2013.  She will compete for the prestigious Mrs. United States Crown in Las Vegas on July 31, 2013.  For more details, check out The Mrs. Iowa 2013 Blog.

Mrs. Iowa 2013 is also available for special appearances.  Katie can be contacted by email, but is also active all around social media.  Follow her adventures on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and Twitter!

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