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Everyone loves a good video. Below you'll find a handful of playlists that include numerous videos each. Whether it's hearing true stories from satisfied clients all around Des Moines, flying through our floor plans, or simply showcasing what makes our dedicated team so unique...we hope you'll take a moment to enjoy the interactive videos below!

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The Building Buzz

The Building Buzz ScreenshotThe Building Buzz is a digital, community-driven initiative. It is a quarterly newsletter sent to our subscribers exclusively by email. Our vision is to provide our community with valuable home building insight, tips and ideas. It's catered to the Des Moines area, but people all around the country are also now enjoying The Building Buzz. Click below to enjoy the archive, then subscribe for free.

The Building Buzz - SUMMER 2013 (6/1/2013)
The Building Buzz - FALL 2013 (11/1/2013)
The Building Buzz - WINTER 2013 (12/18/2013)
The Building Buzz - SPRING 2014 (4/1/2014)
The Building Buzz - SUMMER 2014 (9/13/2014)
The Building Buzz - FALL 2014 (11/26/2014)
The Building Buzz - SPRING 2015 (4/19/2015)
The Building Buzz - WINTER 2015 (12/17/2015)
The Building Buzz - SPRING 2016 (4/21/2016)


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