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Rock Your Granite

Rock Your Granite

Granite is often one of the most dramatic features in your home.  This granite care article highlights exclusive tips, tricks, and industry insight on installing, sealing, and cleaning granite throughout your home.

Whether it’s the granite countertops that make a kitchen pop, beautiful bathrooms accented by granite countertops, or the pro status of a granite-topped bar that allows you to slide your favorite beverages in front of all your friends, great granite really makes your home rock.

Although we use a variety of other building materials (such as quartz and other natural stones) within our custom home construction process, granite provides long-lasting affordability, durability, and a variety of stunning design options.  Along with creating unique looks, granite maintenance is easy.  To help chip away at professional granite installation and proper granite care, we’ve teamed up with our partners over at The Stone Shop.  Together, we have provided a helpful collection of granite tips and tricks you’ll only find here.  Let’s rock this…

Granite Installation

Granite is available in a variety of styles, cuts, and quality grades.  Selecting the right granite slab takes experience and proper installation is critical.  When our team collaborates with our friends at The Stone Shop to install granite in a new home, the granite slabs are carefully selected, jointed together ultra-tight, thoroughly cleaned, and then professionally sealed with a petroleum-based sealant.  This quality-focused process pays off by dramatically extending the life of the surface and makes ongoing maintenance for home owners a breeze.

Sealing Granite

Even with granite properly installed in your home, it's important to remember that granite is slightly porous.  This means that although granite is a very durable surface, it can stain and has minute spaces or holes through which liquid or air may pass.  That said, it's critical to keep all your granite surfaced sealed.  Chad Briles, President at The Stone Shop, had some simple advice.  “Don’t over complicate the process,” he says.  “When granite starts to become hard to clean, it’s time to seal it again.”

Many water-based sealants promise a seal that lasts 5-10 years, but you really can’t over-seal your granite, so feel free to error on the side of caution by sealing your granite once or twice a year.  Chad also suggested that although water-based sealants work well, it’s also a good idea to have a professional visit your home every five years to apply a more advanced petroleum sealant.

Cleaning Granite

With granite properly sealed, cleaning your countertops is effortless.  After clearing countertops of debris, a quick and inexpensive way to clean granite is by using a clean white cloth and washing it with warm soapy water.

Another option is to use a granite-specific cleaner.  Although it’s more expensive than dish soap, one obvious advantage of using a granite cleaning formula is that many products are now infused with a sealant.  This allows you to extend the life of your granite’s sealant by simply cleaning your countertops.  While these are suggested ways to clean granite, it is also important to NOT use ammonia, vinegar, or lemon cleaners on granite.

Although granite is a tough surface, it is susceptible to acidic formulas, which can really eat away at granite surfaces.  Another important tip is to not let spills sit on your granite.  Even with it properly sealed, with granite's porosity, we encourage you quickly clean spills on your granite to avoid permanent stains.

Grout Maintenance & Repair

Grout is like glue that keeps your granite sealed and secured.  Like granite, cleaning and sealing grout is also important.  With our diverse weather in Iowa, it is common for grout to expand and contract.  Even with proper care, grout will crack and separate from your granite.

Home owners can repair damaged grout, but with grout often being a specific color and application being somewhat of a precise art, we recommend bringing in a professional to ensure ongoing repair and maintenance is done correctly.  This will result in a cleaner look and longer lasting application.

Final Thoughts

There are many different types of stone used as building materials in new home construction in Des Moines.  We collaborate with an outstanding collection of providers all around Des Moines, so look for more articles on other types of stone used throughout your home!

Until next time, we’d like to thank Chad and his dedicated team at The Stone Shop.  Their quality materials, precise cuts, innovative techniques, and unmatched customer service makes it easy for us to stand behind the granite we use in our custom new homes all around Des Moines.  Along with collaborating with an exclusive collection of Des Moines home builders, The Stone Shop also helps home owners with DIY projects, so check out The Stone Shop on Facebook or over at
The Stone Shop in Des Moines

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