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Guest Blog: Soil Compaction

Guest Blog: Soil Compaction

One of the few downsides to living in a brand new home is you probably have some soil compaction issues in your yard.

Soil compaction can be caused by heavy construction equipment being on your property during construction.  Iowa land also tends to be very clay-like as well, which means it tends to be a tight, compacted type of soil.

Why is soil compaction an issue?Compacted-Soil

Compacted soil makes it harder for water to flow into the ground and makes it harder for deep roots to get water, as the water can’t work its way down through the soil profile.  Compacted soil also makes it hard for roots to work their way deep into the soil and get nutrients.  Shallow-rooted grass or other plants won’t be as hardy or stress-resistant.

How do you know if you have compaction problems in your yard?

There’s a few ways.  If you have water pooling in your yard or areas that seem to stay wet and not drain well, your soil is probably compacted.  One of the easiest ways to tell is looking for the dreaded yellow flowers… dandelions flourish in compacted soil because their long taproot is designed to push through soil and dig deep for water and nutrients.  If you have a dandelion problem, you probably have compacted soil.

So… now that you’ve diagnosed that you probably have compacted soil, how do you fix it?

Compacted soil is easily corrected with a good, pure gypsum product.  SoilRepair is the purest, organic gypsum available AND it’s made in Iowa — bonus for you.  SoilRepair can be applied any time throughout the year but is great as a regular spring and fall application.  It can be applied when you do your spring overseeding of the lawn or by itself.


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