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The Building Buzz

The Building Buzz ScreenshotThis quarterly email newsletter is carefully catered to homeowners, construction professionals, and realtors all around Des Moines.

Today we released the FALL 2013 edition of The Building Buzz, which included a variety of interesting articles, tips, and resources related to this colorful season in Iowa.  This was in follow up to the very first edition of The Building Buzz, which was released last Summer.

We love the Des Moines community and our team truly believes The Building Buzz is an important part of our efforts to continue connecting with great people around Central Iowa.  We have this digital publication showcased on our Portfolio page and our team always get excited when The Building Buzz is sent out each season.  It's also fun seeing our subscriber base growing as more people hear about this helpful, community-driven resource.

There's a lot of trash that rolls through everyone's email each day, but The Building Buzz is something you'll appreciate.

If you are not already in the cool club, you may have missed this morning's email that included an all-new FALL 2013 edition of The Building Buzz.  Lucky for you, the archived version can now be viewed HERE.  That said, subscribe below and don't miss out next time.  We have the WINTER 2013 edition coming in December!

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