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The Colorado Crusade 2

The Colorado Crusade 2

As a progressive home builder looking to always drive innovative thought, we are ultra proud to announce that we are supporting Ben McDougal as he attends TechStars Demo Day in Boulder, Colorado this week to experience the top echelon of world-changing entrepreneurship.

TechStars LogoTechStars is one of the most powerful startup accelerators in the world. If a “Startup Accelerator” sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, it kind of is! Through meaningful mentorship, engaged network integration, and strategic capital investment, startup accelerators like TechStars are supporting the very best teams who are building world-changing concepts in a wide variety of markets.

What makes TechStars amazing? Besides a team led by co-founders, best-selling authors, and sought after keynote speakers David Cohen, Brad Feld, Jared Polis, David Brow and countless other mentors, the TechStars program has graduated 429 companies worldwide, which has lead to a staggering $845,760,000 in funding since 2007! Elite startup companies that are accepted and complete the immersive TechStars accelerator program average $1,971,468 in funding. The numbers are proof of what a worldwide network of our very best entrepreneurs and most experienced mentors can create.

That said, you might be wondering how a boutique home builder in Des Moines, Iowa finds value in connecting into this leading edge of global entrepreneurship?

[insert dramatic introductory music here]

Fresh off of Wednesday's big $100K win at the Rise of the Rest pitch competition in Des Moines, Bawte is an Iowa-based startup that was accepted into the TechStars 2014 class and after an intense 3 month process, John Jackovin will present at TechStars Demo Day this week and mark their moment in time!

Bawte AppWhat is Bawte? Bawte is an online platform that provides organization, simplification, & peace of mind for the things you own. Bawte helps track the things we buy and unlocks ongoing support for product warranties, recall announcements, interactive sharing, and much more.   Here’s what’s beautiful from our own perspective. Imagine if you buy a new home and your home builder is able to provide a pre-loaded Bawte account that gives you more intelligence on what was built into the home, while giving you an ongoing way to track the things you buy! Details will emerge soon, but in short, we look forward to announcing details on how a partnership with Bawte will enhance your overall home building experience.

revolvAnother exciting element within this upcoming Colorado adventure is the opportunity to better connect with the brains behind our smart homes, Revolv. Based in Boulder and a 2012 TechStars company, we’re excited to expand our connectivity with another outstanding company building within The Internet of Things.

By expanding optimized partnerships with innovative companies, Drake Homes is committed to offering more differentiators than any other home builder in the region. Technology has allowed our dedicated team to be more efficient, build smarter homes, and better connect with our community. We absolutely love building homes for Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who are building amazing things that not only inspire us, but also push us to progressively lead the way within our industry.

We build houses in the Silicon Prairie, but deep down, we know that people make homes. In our first Colorado Crusade, Drake Homes visited the mountains of Colorado to experience the ultra unique Summit Country Parade of Homes. We’ve already implemented many of the inspired home design ideas we brought back from this adventure and now we head back to continue our quest of building a smarter home. We’re proudly sending our tech-savvy marketing magician to forge a path few people understand and look forward to plugging our clients into even more innovative ideas than ever before.

Follow @TechStars, @Bawte, @Revolv, @DrakeHomesIowa and @BENovator for live updates this week and look for the full report from TechStars Demo Day coming soon!

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