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Guest Blog: Vintage Kitchen Dreams

Guest Blog: Vintage Kitchen Dreams

As a vintage fashionista, the kitchen design of my dreams is naturally a retro theme.  With The Fun & Fabulous Fashion Show coming to Des Moines October 13, the friendly folks at Drake Homes asked if I'd like to share my Top 10 favorite vintage kitchen designs.  I jumped at this opportunity, reached into my retro-flavored dreams, and hope you enjoy!

1. The Island

Vintage Kitchen 1The centerpiece to any great kitchen, I think a beautiful island is a must.

2.  Accessorizing Aprons

Vintage Kitchen 2What's a great kitchen without great fashion accessories?!  The aprons I chose to wear while I'm in the kitchen is an personal expression.  Aprons are not just for the kitchen anymore either!  I design housekeeping aprons, makeup apron capes, baking aprons, show aprons for cupcakeries, and even sexy bridal aprons for newlyweds to enjoy.

3. Kitchen Table

Vintage Kitchen 3Although the view sucks, haha, I absolutely love this kitchen table and chairs!

4. Low-Tech Love

Vintage KitchenNotice how so many things were so small back then? I don't know if I could handle this flooring, but do you spy the lovely retro phone in between the two rooms?

5. Sit & Enjoy

Vintage Kitchen 5Once I have that wonderful island centerpiece, I'd want to make sure my guests all had a fun place to enjoy themselves.

6. Modern Vintage Blend

Vintage Kitchen 6I simply love everything about this modern looking vintage kitchen, as it reminds me of Stephanie St. Claire from Blissbomed.  She loves her Robin Egg Blue kitchen and appliances.

7. Bright Colors

Vintage Kitchen 7The bright colors here are cheery, shiny, all around FABULOUS!  I think a kitchen's overall color palette is just as important as the colors in my clothing.  In fact, a home's kitchen can almost be a fashion accessory, so go all out!

8. Cool Cabinetry

Vintage Kitchen 8I love the glass cabinetry you can see inside, as well as the glass canisters on the counter. The fact that there is so much counter space makes me happy too.

9. Wine Experience

Vintage Kitchen 9Every kitchen needs a place for wine!  Love the natural lighting too.

10. Ceiling & Stove

Vintage Kitchen 10This vintage kitchen tops it off for me.  I love the yellow tons throughout, but simply adore the stove and ceiling ideas here.

Dreaming or not, having a place in the kitchen I can call home means the world to me.  Let's be honest, I would take any and all of these beautiful vintage kitchen!  We have a cute little home in Des Moines, but I long for the day when I have the opportunity to conduct a vintage makeover on my home!  I would absolutely love to build a home (might I suggest Drake Homes?) and include a retro kitchen like one of these in my dreams!  Until next time…


Trisha Trixi “Trisha Trixie” Hunter is a Fashion Designer for Trisha Trixie Designs-Life in a Retro State of Mind, Blogger for Des Moines is Not Boring, and Vintage-Inspired Model at Trisha Trixie The Vintage Fashionista.

Trisha provides a variety of vintage items at Green Good for the Home, Crafted, Trisha Trixie Goodsmiths Shop, and Etsy.  Go to Trisha Trixie Shop for more information., then follow Trisha on Twitter, Facebook, or Google.

Tickets for The Fun & Fabulous Fashion Show go on sale August 2nd and there are only 25 VIP Seats available, so get 'em while they're hot!

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