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ZIP System

ZIP System

Welcome to our new "Behind The Walls" series! This collection of industry insights will highlight key features of a great home that you don't always see within the construction process.

It's easy to like any new home on the day you move in, but a builder's methods of construction and the building materials used throughout a home can be the difference between a house that looks great and a home that stands the test of time.

The new homes built by Drake Homes always look great when they're finished, but it's important to also understand that at the core, we're building a premium product. One example of our commitment to quality is our partnership with Huber Engineered Woods. Their ZIP System® provides unmatched moisture protection and air quality for all the new homes we build.

Zip System"This is one more way we set our homes apart. Our team enjoys the installation process and homeowners love the piece of mind." -Matt Buman

The science behind this building product is also something special. In short, the ZIP System® sheathing and tape streamlines our weatherization process. Along with 40% more efficient installation, the 30-year warranty is just one more way we're evolving your home building dreams into a life-long reality.

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